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Emotional Freedom


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Do you wish that you could feel more confident, release your fears or phobias or help relieve symptoms of depression and grief?


Are you pregnant and feeling anxious about the birth or about becoming a new mum? Perhaps you have had your baby and are struggling? EFT can help.


EFT is a tool that once learnt you can use on yourself.


You don't have to put up with feeling anxious, sad, inadequate or unwell.


You can take your own emotional and physical well-being into your own empowering.


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You can choose a new reality - what will yours look like? 




"Bryony is caring and compassionate; she has helped me enormously using her EFT skills..."


Please look at the other pages on this website to find out more about what EFT is and how it could help you.


Perhaps you'd like to speak to me first before making an appointment?


Or maybe you'd prefer a phone session - as effective but in the comfort of your own home.


Do not hesitate to call me:


Bryony -Advanced EFT Practitioner

07854 632 327

or email me: 










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